Vincent Romano- Photog

Two stops past the limits…..that is what Vincent Romano has always done in life and continues to do in his photography. As an outside the box thinker, Vincent has always studied the concepts and guidelines and experimented by going outside the box and 2 stops past the conventional limits.

Vincent, an old soul, grew up in a diverse atmosphere. Being the youngest sibling by almost a decade and a half, he was raised amongst situations and locations beyond his years as well as with friends in scenarios his own age. This early eclectic social sphere began his fascination with human behavior and the world we live in. Vincent’s intrinsic artistic side coupled with the opportunity to people watch as a young boy in a primarily adult atmosphere, he developed his eye for seeing the world around him, and how stories are told depending on the angle at which they are observed.

Being an athlete playing a wide variety of sports at different levels from professional to neighborhood games, Vincent developed a sense of timing and precision that helps him predict movements, emotions and flows that allows him to capture moments most would miss.

Vincent’s math and science background, coupled with his athletic side and love of art made photography a perfect artistic outlet. Being color blind and observing life with more texture, tones and shapes, Vincent sees things in a way others in this profession can’t, giving him unique insight to catch moments in ways others may miss.

As varied as his experiences in life, such is his varied styles.

Artist Statement-

“Our individual experiences, adventures, scenarios we’ve witnessed in our pasts and immediate future, gives us a unique vision of the scene before us. This helps me capture similarities and differences among the vast amount of varying experiences I have and will have. I also find taking things to their limits and see what works and more importantly what doesn’t, is something that has help guide me.

I don’t have a set style…I shoot what life gives me. Take it to it’s limits and see what I can make of it. If pegged to a style, I think I would find myself shooting for that particular style, instead of interacting with what is given to me and working with the vibe and energy of the subject(s) and the experience.”